• Chris Stone

    English artist and sculptor, Chris Stone, has developed a reputation for creating a multitude of imaginative works, including urban art canvases; Macael marble sculpture pieces; Travertine stone sculptured torsos; abstract and caricatured art, delivering tongue-in cheek political and social comment and humour.

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  • Jeroen Buitenman

    Surreal artist, Jeroen Buitenman, based in Madeira is exciting the European artworld with his fashion-consious, surealist paintings.

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  • Samuel Thomas

    Sam has been invited to submit paintings for inclusion in the 'International Contemporary Artists' directory published in New York, identifying all the best artists from around the world in their 2012 edition.

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  • John Rance

    Norwich 20 Group artist John Rance, is famous for his 'Folded' relief paintings, not dissimilar to Bridget Riley's stunning contemporary art.

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Secret Art Collector welcomes you to our gallery of Contemporary art, fine art, watercolours, sculptures, kitchenalia, interior design collectables, glassware, ceramics, jewellery and vintage artefacts.

Enjoy browsing, collecting, and building your treasured collections. So many of our gallery collection items make great gift ideas for wedding presents, Christmas, birthdays, retirement gifts and family anniversaries, together with Mother's Day and Father's Day presents.

  • #Martini Style by Sam Thomas

    #Martini Style by Sam Thomas

    Pop Art painting and one for any Roy Litchtenstein art lover at a far more affordable price. Enjoy the work of this great British artist,Samuel Thomas, who is exciting the art world everywhere.Original acrylic on canvas SOLD. Prints for sale from £125.00 each mounted in window boards.

  • Ballroom Dance by Jeroen Buitenman

    Ballroom Dance by Jeroen Buitenman

    Media:print of original painting

  • Early 20th century metal cycle reproduction model

    Early 20th century metal cycle reproduction model

    Raleigh 'Boneshaker' bicycle model by blacksmith.Working model with real chain and rear wheel drive pedals.Beautifully crafted wood handles and seat. All built to accurate scale. Solid rubber tyres fitted.
    Alternative image:
    Early 20th century metal cycle

  • Pepsi drinks tray

    Pepsi drinks tray

    Sorry, SOLD. Designed by Ceo Waller Mack with bottle top.

  • ‘Charlie Chaplin’ By Alan Massingham

    ‘Charlie Chaplin’ By Alan Massingham

    Medium Acrylic on canvas.

  • Fishermen of Cromer

    Fishermen of Cromer

    Acrylic on Canvas original.

  • Hand in Hand

    Hand in Hand


    Limited Edition Prints are available signed and numbered by the artist. Presented in a white mount, sealed in cellophane for protection available from £95.

  • Seagulls of Cromer

    Seagulls of Cromer

    Acrylic on Canvas original.

  • Bateman Original Cartoon – Cigars

    Bateman Original Cartoon – Cigars

    H. M. Bateman original watercolour and ink cartoon of 15 cameo vignette moments of a business dandy entertaining his client with cigar gifts - each cigar gets larger in size as a result of the dandy trying to bribe his client.

    Original watercolour signed by the great, early 20th century cartoonist.

  • Frank M Sutcliffe – Whitby

    Frank M Sutcliffe – Whitby

    Frank Meadow Sutcliffe rare sepiatone bromide of Yorkshire Coast fisherman at Whitby taken on a large format plate camera by the famous social commentator photographer. Provenance certificate on the reverse from the Sutcliffe gallery in Whitby.

  • !950’s Brass Companion Set

    !950’s Brass Companion Set

    Companion Set - Vintage 1950's in VGC. Large size. Eye-catching, 4 piece, solid brass set.Superb condition. Heavy.
    Wood/brass base plinth 6 inches in diameter.Sorry SOLD.

    Extra postage/packaging is £4.00 to online bargain price.

  • Tea Caddy – 1924

    Tea Caddy – 1924

    Commemorative, British Empire, 1924 brass Tea Caddy. Lipton'souvenir issue piece with embossed, British Empire Exhibition identity around the exterior of the roundel brass Tea Caddy. Good condition.Small minor dents through age.Collector's piece.

Artists' Copyright

No artists' paintings, prints or works of art can be downloaded, reproduced, copied or used in any creative form whatsoever without prior notification to Secret Art Collector or the artist. Plagiarism is flattering, but will not be tolerated by the artists or Secret Art Collector.

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