Antique Fair in Norwich


#Exhibiting #art, #sculpture, #antiques, collectables and vintage artefacts in St. Andrew’s Hall,NORWICH, this Saturday 14th November,2015, with 50 other antique dealers.
Doors open: 9am until 4.30pm
A great place to find creative and quirky Christmas Presents.
Art valuations undertaken at my stall.
Norwich is a great city to shop in before Christmas.


#Antique,#Art and Collectors’ Fair is coming to the Royal Norfolk Showground in #Norwich Saturday 31st October and Sunday 1st November,2015. Over 650 stallholders exhibiting eye-catching antiques,art,rare prints,old social comment photographs,picture frames,collectables,silver,bronzes,ceramics,glassware,period furniture and jewellery.

Secret art Collector will again be in the Main Hall near the entrance displaying art, sculpture, ceramics, artefacts, unusual prints, jewellery, watches, antiques and collectables.

Be sure not to miss this treasure trail of great Christmas present ideas from the quirky to the rare and imaginative in gift ideas.A wonderful day out for browsers and the curious.

FREE Parking.
Saturday 7am [collectors’ early entry ticket] to 5pm.
Sunday 9am to 4pm.

David Tattersall

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Seagulls of Cromer

Norfolk & Norwich Open Studios 24 May – 8 June 2014. See Art. Buy Art. Meet Artists.

Discovering the next Damien Hirst hiding in Norfolk, or a protege as good as young, Kieran Williamson is every art collector’s aspiration… and every investors’ dreams fulfilled, in one!

They are out there, hidden in amongst a plethora of talented art, but not that easy to discover.

There will be a tirade of ‘Me too’ art to see and decide if it is a pleasure to purchase, and artists to meet and articulate with.
ENJOY the voyage of discovery as you plan 16 days and evenings of seeking out artists, photographers, print makers, sculptors and installation artists whose work you want to cast an investors’ eye over and say, YES, to a prudent investment .

Secure a copy of OPEN, the comprehensive catalogue of Who’s who in the regional art world, and see who is participating in this year’s OPEN STUDIOS where talent and art awaits your discerning judgement.

It will be a colourful, carousel of highs and lows:art is a very subjective experience and one not taken lightly, or capriciously….but one to be enjoyed and on occasions revered.

From Saturday 24th May until Sunday 8th June, 2014. Visit the website

#See #Art – Buy #Art – Meet #Artists


Bold,distinguished coloured paper cut-outs heralded Henri Matisse’s final phase in his celebrated art career.

Created between 1943 and 1954 – as ill health and eye sight failure restricted the use of a palette, brushes and paints – this innovative French genius fought to express his vision, perceptions and artistic flair by producing maquettes for books, stained glass window designs, ceramics and tapestries.

050rt_1As his confidence and passion grew in the execution of coloured paper cut-outs, so too did the aesthetic quality and these vibrant coloured collages turned into distinguished studio art mounted and framed by the artist, and admired by an array of European admirers including Picasso.The Spanish artist once commented,’ I am rather jealous of Matisse’s colour magic.’

Within Tate Modern’s ‘Matisse Magic’ are over 120 superb examples of the great artist’s works collected and curated for this unique exhibition which is open daily until early September.

Pre-book your entrance ticket to avoid the trauma of standing outside within long queues: that experience would undermine the sheer exhilaration of seeing the simplicity of coloured paper collages abstracted to perfection.

You have my word: magical is no exaggeration in the experience you will be enthralled with.

Bacon auction

Francis Bacon’s triptych study of British artist, Lucian Freud,sold for a record 127,000,000 million dollars at Christie’s Auction House in New York this week.

A ten minute bidding battle between 7 billionaires and Lucian Freud’s New York art dealer, William Acquavella, saw the New York art dealer emerge victorious [obviously with a private art buyer’s ‘secure it’ instructions preceding his bid].

Christie’s pre-auction estimate had the triptych portrait study of Freud [seated] – painted by Bacon at the Royal College of Art in 1969 – at 54 million pounds…..a slight under-estimate and conservative value in today’s buoyant,h igh end art marketplace.

This ‘Battle of the Bidding Bulge’ in the international art market reflects the astute judgement of the higher echelons of art investment buyers.

But why?

Everyone – including a very modest art dealer like myself – is asking the very same question. Why?

Knowing 63 lots reached a record 691.5 million dollars, art auctions today seem to be printing money for Christie’s, Bonhams and the other market leaders.

Art investments today deliver high financial returns – as they quickly accrue in value – and add kudos to the buyer’s reputation in global trading and corporate business arenas.

With the past 5 years also creating a nervousness in the equities and low interest yield Bonds markets, is there any wonder shrewd investors’ monies have been pouring into the high end, art investment auctions’ market?

Not forgetting……unique fine art paintings and sculptures also deliver the added value of ‘pure aesthetic pleasure,’ which cannot be delivered by financial instruments or gambling on the stock exchanges of the world.

I simply hope my Euro lottery ticket this week delivers a prize from which I too can invest where the big art bidding boys surreptitiously tread.

Nikki at the Secret Art Collector stall at the Norwich Art and Antques Fair

Secret Art Collector was approached by BBC cameraman last Sunday to film part of our Art Display being exhibited at the Antique & Collectors’ Fair on the Royal Norfolk Showground in Norwich.

It’s not the first time we’ve enjoyed BBC Bargain Hunt’s focus of attention and we were transmitted in one of their 2013 programmes in March this year.

This time their plans were to feature the art in a montage being created for next year’s Bargain Hunt trailers.

Can’t wait to see some of the oil paintings and watercolours they filmed on our colourful stand admired by many thousands of visitors this weekend.

L'Estate - Jean Lagadec

How do I start building an art collection?
Enjoying art and an art collection is a subjective reaction to imagery. You choose the art, prints, photographs, drawings and collages or installations you feel passionate about. It’s as simple as that!

What is my monthly art investment budget?
You can start with only a small £50 a month budget. You don’t have to be a corporate or bank investor.

"The Flirt" by Sam ThomasWhat art should I collect?
Having a good eye is essential and taking advice from art experts like Secret Art Collector is worth its weight in gold.
You can collect Fine Art, Contemporary Art, Acrylics, Watercolours, Oils, Silkscreen Prints, Lithographic Prints, Artists’ Sketches, Collages, Photographs, Sculpture Pieces and any form of art which appeals to your better artistic judgement.

Albion by John Rance (Duplicate)Who are the emerging artists I should follow?
Engaging with the arts media is essential. Following artistic and art exhibition reviews in the local, regional and national press is paramount. Following TV arts magazine programmes and festival reviews like Edinburgh is also a mandate I cannot stress enough. Attending local, regional and national art gallery exhibitions will help you develop a discerning art buyer’s eye.

Should I attend the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition and buy from there?
In a word, YES!
You will see art which as been chosen by the Royal Academy’s Judging Panel from amateur artists, emerging new artists whose work is enjoying praise from the judges and media as well as established icons like David Hockney.

Where else should I go?
Search online and read art blogs, news bulletins and information on art exhibitions and artists’ reviews which highlight where art critics are singing the praises of emerging artists’ new works.

'Sunset Over the Countryside'Who is hot in the contemporary art arena at the moment?
This is a very good question and the answer is constantly changing as new emerging artists’ works are discovered even through provincial exhibitions and “open artists’ studio events” (which are great opportunities to find and buy undiscovered artists’ works).

Do I buy watercolours or oils?
The choice is your own preference. If you collect watercolours be sure not to hang them in direct sunlight as it will affect the colour hues by fading.

Sgt Pepper Album Cover by Sir Peter BlakeAre limited edition prints a good investment?
If they are a short run (100 and under) and signed by emerging or established artist I would advocate you buy if you enjoy the artist’s work. Large print runs of 500 upwards do not command serious value to an art collector.
Needless to say if the limited edition prints were by Sir Peter Blake or any other reputable artist who has gained international acclaim, then the print’s value is assured and a worthwhile investment.

There are ENDLESS questions I can advise upon and create a fun and fascinating learning curve for art collectors starting their own COLLECTION.

Secret Art Collector welcomes and email questions, if you are seeking advice on a collection strategy or art investment. Get in touch.

Martini Glass by Sam Thomas

The BBC’s Alex Hudson delivers a fascinating overview of the changing face of international art sales and gives credence to his opinions about the rapidly changing art world, where investors and art lovers accelerate their online art research to find up and coming new artistic talents [and their latest paintings] and secure quality fine art pictures and contemporary art, photographs, prints and sculpture pieces before other discerning buyers, galleries and museums do likewise.

Remember…..this vast art sales market is currently worth over £40 billion per annum and growing!

Take time out to study Alex’s fascinating overview of the rapidly changing visual Arts trading market, where the intellectual art buyers and investors have been somewhat slow to use the internet to give them an ‘advantage’ in a fiercely competitive market but are now rapidly playing ‘catch-up’ in the digital age.

Go to:

Artists beware of these changing market forces….

May the force be with you…if you have any sense.


Are the paintings you buy a pleasure,passion ……or potentially rewarding for your shrewd investment’s better judgement?

Is the ultimate buying decision a choice dilemma as to passion or ROI [return on investment]?

Dynamic economies like China and the Gulf have seen new influential art buyers permeate the higher echelons of the international art auction markets and secure contemporary art and fine art masterpieces from under our noses.
Hocus Pocus by Jereon Buitenman
Do we in the western world have a divine right to keep these invaluable art treasures within our own private and national gallery collections?

No…of course we don’t.

Top art works are achieving record sale prices:Chinese artefacts once purchased by European traders centuries ago are reaching astronomical bid prices at specialist auctions as commissioned secret art buyers keep the identity of bidders out of the public domain.

High prices and a lack of transparency in the higher echelons of the international art auction market – together with a diplomatic need for secrecy from these astute collectors and investors – dictates inflated picture prices will prevail in the immediate future.

Global art market sales are currently estimated at around 60 billion US dollars per annum.

Should the more modest art lover and shrewd, middle-income investor be participating in this escalating marketplace?

More importantly…..will it continue to grow?
Mr Majestic by Chris Stone
As an experienced art buyer and collectables dealer I very much doubt the market – and its insatiable appetite for inflated art treasures – can be sustained and monopolised by an exclusive billionaires’ buying market.

But I might be proved wrong and I’m not an omnipotent art dealer…..merely a somewhat Secret Art Collector, and knowledgeable and modest about my predictions.

This privileged ‘Art Collectors’ Market’ is populated with HNWI’s [High Net Worth Investors], bankers, boutique investors, pension funds, art dealers, business corporations, and international art galleries and reputable museums all hunting for treasures to feed their passion and insatiable appetites.

Where do we – of more modest art buying proportions – fit in to this goliath of insatiable buyers?

Frankly……we don’t.

China now has usurped the USA as the world’s largest market for art, antiques and rare artefacts’ buyers, achieving a massive domination of 30% of this exclusive,international buyers’ market.

I can only say with confidence and a wry smile……the motivating factors will continue unabated as possession of a unique painting or sculpture – or very rare antique – will always provide pleasure and international social status.Repatriation of rare Chinese artefacts is of paramount importance to a privileged few billionaire buyers from the Asian continent.

Only yesterday a unique Picasso ceramic pot fetched 980,000 pounds at auction:not 5 years ago you could secure ceramics by the great man for around £5,000 apiece!
Is that an indicator of where the art market is going for art lovers and investors?

Here in the UK, Secret Art Collector remains happy to provide pleasure,and stir passion and precipitate investment in more modestly prices art, sculpture, artefacts and collectables for discerning buyers both British and overseas. Yes…we do export art and collectables to discerning foreign buyers where their own country’s economy is strong.

Old photographs – reflecting lifestyles and narrative times of a bygone past – are also beginning to catch the British and USA’s investors’ eyes [or is it the genuine collector].

My own satisfaction comes from finding and supplying to clients art, period artefacts and collectables they passionately want to own and enjoy:but remember art and artefacts are like cars and books…… Having enjoyed them for a while always be willing to trade them in and replace the collection with new pleasures which please your eye,especially when the market is ‘hot’ for your collection.

Collectors and dealers should also stick with what they know and don’t try to guess what the next market ‘hot spot’ will be.

Greed is not a word synonymous with art or collectors – or for that matter with myself and Secret Art Collector.

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