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Buying contemporary art, fine art and collectables.

Secret Art Collector accepts private collectors’ and business investment commissions to find special paintings within pre-set budgets as well as offers a full art investment consultancy service.Advice on picture hanging,together with an interior design service is provided for hotels, boutique guest houses and conference centres.

With art over the centuries proving to be stimulating,invigorating,relaxing and rewarding psychologically,we have advised medical practices,private and NHS hospitals, private health clinics, cosmetic and beauty clinics, dental practices, doctors’ surgeries and private physiotherapy clinics,care homes and nursing homes on creating relaxing environments to speed up healing, and reward both patients and clients in these clinical environments.

Professional advice has been sought from ourselves on improving residential and commercial property interiors by
developers, house builders and landlords to create aesthetically improved interiors, adding value and harmony for both tenants and prospective buyers.

ART is a universal language which inspires and motivates.Art creates a subjective and passionate response. Your own art preferences are paramount in our endeavour to deliver client satisfaction.
“Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art.”

Andy Warhol, artist

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Art investments: tax allowances

Small sole trader medical clinics; dental and doctors’ partnerships; hotels and guest house boutique businesses; SME’s and larger corporate companies can all enhance their receptions, offices, boardrooms and client presentation areas with art to deliver ‘added value’ and improved customer relationships, and offset the costs against corporation tax if delivering an improved level of service as a legitimate business investment.

DSC_0027Refreshing tired business interiors with contemporary paintings supplied by Secret Art Collector can be offset against corporation tax if the art investments are used to enhance the quality of customer services and temper patients’ nervousness within the business premises.

Hotel owners can refresh tired and uninspiring receptions, customers’ bedrooms, conference rooms, restaurants, bar areas, private hire suites, exhibition areas and corridors with giclee prints or original art to deliver a ‘welcoming and cultural’ ambience that improves their level of service.

The opportunities are endless; the company’s improved understanding of art and culture will deliver a memorable new dimension in your ‘added value’ art gallery arenas which enhance the customers’ own experiences and recall values.

Art gallery reception areas are ideal for legal practices where nerves often precipitate clients’ meetings with lawyers, barristers and counsel advisors. Likewise, management consultants and accountants can do much to improve their ‘perceived values’ within the eyes of clients by adding a cultural edge through decorating their receptions and meeting rooms with eye-catching art.

Art is an uplifting experience for any nervous client or patient, especially from the outset and at the point of entry.

Art is a common language appreciated by everyone – including the taxman.

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Buying Art/Instalment payments

Original oil on canvas titled  'Summerime' by exception British artist, Peter KavanaghPrivate clients can secure a painting or artefact of their choice valued £500 and over with a modest 20% deposit [eg £100 on a £500 painting] followed by 4 equal monthly instalment payments to complete the purchase.

Please see the details in our Business Terms and conditions.

Quality Antiques

Antiques can be bought using our instalment payment plan, together with a 20% depositQuality antiques are solid gold investments, especially in a recession.

In this photo: antiques can be bought using our instalment payment plan, together with a 20% deposit.See Secret Art Collector’s Terms of Business details.

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