Odyssey by Jeroen Buitenman

Art Valuation /Art Restoration/Art ‘Discreet Bidding’ services

Giclee Prints

Superb Giclee Prints of classical or contemporary art, or our own emerging contemporary artists’ works can be reproduced to order and any size. Photographic blow-ups also can be reproduced to any size and mounted across stretchers.

Quotations upon request.

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Art hanging and framing serviceFraming

Secret Art Collector undertake a professional art hanging, and mounting and framing service for art lovers, hotels and boutique guest houses, and corporate businesses, including service industry clients.

We stock a vast array of contemporary frame designs in metal, wood or burnished aluminium. Classical moulded or gilt frames can be ordered in any size and commissioned to enhance a picture’s worth once mounted.

A full quotation, collection and delivery, and professional art hanging service is also provided for clients.

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Art Restoration

Oil paintings, etchings, prints and watercolours can be cleaned, restored, repaired and renovated to their original pristine colours and condition by artists and our own commissioned craftsmen.Oil paintings, etchings, prints and watercolours can be cleaned, restored, repaired and renovated to their original pristine colours and condition by artists and our own commissioned craftsmen.

Old family photographs or pictorial heirlooms can also be carefully restored to their original condition, if they have not been left to rot in adverse conditions.

Secret Art Collector will undertake picture renovation/restoration inspections; collection, cleaning, repair and remounting services; delivery and re-hanging; and also advise on the merits of undertaking such work if a painting is being planned for auction, restoration or a private sale.

Full quotations can be requested by email or telephone.

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Probate Valuations/Art Auction ‘Discreet Bidding’ Services

Many relatives and business clients ask experts in Secret Art Collector to undertake site inspections and advise on a family member’s painting collection values, or the worth of individual pictures in a collection.

We cannot GUARANTEE a picture will secure an exact value at auction, because of the nature of market forces and art market fluctuations [which are altogether uncontrollable].

However, we can offer professional advice as to a where a painting might be auctioned to achieve its market worth; offer prudent advice on a painting’s possible ‘lower and higher’ auction estimate, which might determine what individual beneficiaries might do with their inheritance; and generally offer a ‘professional painting critique’ and guidance on the merits of its value for insurance purposes or resale.

Secret Art Collector do undertake ‘discreet bidding services’ whereby we will try and secure a painting, sculpture, print, photographic collection, ceramic or glassware artefact within a pre-agreed bid budget [inc. auctioneer’s fees + VAT on the said fees].

For more information about any one of our services please get in touch today, via our contact us page or simply call us now on 01603 250 111.

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Riding the Wave by Derek Blois

Loyalty, Business Service, Retirement and Achievement Awards

Art is a creative way to make an employee or director feel proud of their achievements.

Presenting them with an original contemporary work of art, fine art painting, watercolour, print or unique sculpture piece recognising their success, loyalty, sales service or retirement is now growing in popularity with innovate companies.

Nothing is held in higher esteem by the the proud recipient: it identifies the company’s and directors’ respect for the employee’s achievements.

A painting commission is a great way to honour a retiring or loyal,dedicated member of staff.

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