Jean Lagadec – French artist

Sensuously Realistic Figure Studies – Abstracted Figurative Art – Silhouetted Skylines of Architectural and Natural Beauty.

French artist, Jean Lagadec’s passion for his internationally acclaimed art collections is infectious: simplistic female,relief form abstractions are positioned alongside polarised extremities with his sensuous, Figurative Realism art capturing beauty to behold. The eye sits comfortable with both!

Figurative Realism regularly gets simplified to extol the transcendental journey of discovering female beauty in its abstracted, graphic form.

Viewers enjoy crystallising outlines and shadows into his art to create a wondrous celebration of feminine beauty. Mystical, magical, and creating a vibrant graphic effect, the form is accentuated by relief cut outs. Amazing to think Matisse had similar thoughts as his eyesight deteriorated and wreaked havoc with the Grand Master’s work ethos.

Picasso once called Matisse’s work, ‘Mesmerisingly simple……. adding, ‘If only I had done that, first.’

Jean likes to think he has not re-invented Figurative Art, but laid the foundations for an exciting exploration journey beyond the boundaries of pure realism and into the realms of crystallising feminine form.

In contrast, Jean Lagadec passionately takes us on another journey of discovery, where silhouettes and abstracted skylines mystify and seduce the viewer into learning more.Simplified, three-dimensional, architectural landmarks and natural beauty spots are accentuated by minimal colour into a rivetting joy to behold.

Add to this a portfolio of semi-erotic drawings delivering Realism in Figurative Art, and you have a collection of giclee prints and originals which would create a wonderful contemporary art collection for any art lover or corporate business client to proudly to exhibit today.




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