Samuel Thomas

Sam ThomasSam has been invited to submit paintings for inclusion in the ‘International Contemporary Artists’ directory published in New York, identifying all the best artists from around the world in their 2012 edition.

Last year there were only 3 British artists who qualified for this prestigious international publication used by worldwide art collectors and investors to research and admire emerging artists’ creative work. It is a ‘Who’s who’ of the fast emerging talents of international artists and recognised by fund managers, bankers, art dealers and investors as an essential contemporary reference book.

Sam is rapidly becoming a refreshing art collector’s ‘must have’ with his unique Pop Art style – quite heavily influenced by Roy Lichtenstein’s remarkably valuable 1950’s Pop Art work, 1930’s Art Deco Poster Art and Japanese printmakers.

Sam’s colourful, acrylic interpretations of seascapes, landscapes and contemporary life are vibrant and colourful modern works to own and be admired by business clients and art lovers everywhere.

A shrewd investment for art lovers.

Customers can purchase original canvas paintings or prints, if your enthusiasm for his work might not stretch beyond a modest investment.



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